4 Spooky Cars for Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! While many of you will be suiting up in your scariest costumes and decorating your homes in time for your Halloween ball, there are creepy cars haunting the world’s roads!We hunted down 5 spectacularly spooky vehicles and brought them here for you to sink your teeth into…get it?


This spooky vehicle is sure to look familiar to many Halloween fans! The ‘Munster Koach’ was the iconic family car used in the television series, ‘The Munsters’. The gloss pearl black paint and blood red interior combine to create a truly ghastly effect.

The Munster Coach appeared in over twenty episodes throughout two series’ of The Munsters, and there’s only one in the world.


This one makes us feel kind of…itchy. This British, three-wheeled sports car is the Bond Bug. Its wedge shape, along with a lift-up canopy, certainly sets it apart from most sports cars.

It’s bright orange pumpkin colour is rather fitting for Halloween, and it’s also bug-like, what more do we need to say?


This Cadillac Miller-Meteor catches ghosts for a living, as is perhaps the most recognisable vehicle on our list!

Famously used in the Ghostbusters franchise, the car is also known as the Ectomobile, or the Ecto-1.


We enjoy cars of all shapes and sizes, but let’s just be honest for a second; the Chrysler PT Cruiser looks like a mini hearse. This questionable design means it looks like it belongs to a funeral procession.

The ‘PT’ stands for ‘Personal Transport’ – Interpret that however you like!

So there we have 4 spectacularly spooky vehicles that could be haunting your street this Halloween!

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