A Look at our Pathology Courier Services

At Speed Couriers, we provide several specialised courier and distribution services, from overnight deliveries to specialist distributions.

One of the key areas we also specialise in is medical courier services. Dealing with pathological, pharmaceutical and hospital deliveries every day, our convoy yields the right vehicles and equipment to ensure all medical deliveries run smoothly and without a hitch.

Over the coming weeks, we’re going to be taking a closer look at each of the medical courier services we provide, and first on our list is our expert pathology courier service!

Pathology Courier Services

It’s no secret that Speed Couriers are widely recognised as leaders in the field of pathology couriering in the North West and Greater Manchester area.

Working closely with the NHS and private pathology units alike, we deliver pathology courier services to an extremely high standard. The following are a number of samples and specimens we deal with on a regular basis:

·         Diagnostic pathology samples

·         Patient specimens

·         Formalin fixed pathology specimens

·         Infectious samples

·         Frozen samples

·         Chilled samples

·         Histology samples

·         Cytology samples

·         Microbiology samples

·         Radio pathology samples

Our pathology courier service combines a consistently high-quality service and robust, flexible model to effectively support our clients and their stakeholders.

Contact our medical courier service centre on 0161 877 2000 today to discover more about our dedicated pathology courier services!

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