A Quick Guide to Posting Jewellery

Having high value items such as jewellery delivered is always going to be a concerning experience; the risk of something going wrong during the delivery or damage occurring to the piece is enough to worry anyone. All the more reason to use a reputable and trustworthy courier service to take care of your item during its journey (hint-hint).

However if you are looking to simply post the item, it’s vital that you properly prepare the piece of jewellery before sending it to the post office.

If the item has a giftbox then store it in here first, there will likely be something inside to hold the piece steadily in place. The wrap the box in bubble wrap, this will not only make the package much more durable and resistant to any bumps or water spillages, but will also stop anyone feeling the package to get an idea of what’s inside. Finally, use an addressed box to post the item in, adding a final durable layer and eliminating the chance of ripping that you may have encountered with paper packaging.

Be sure to send the item by recorded delivery, this will protect you from scams should you be selling the item online, or will help you know the items last whereabouts should something be wrong with the person receiving it.

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