Client Testimonials

We have been supporting our clients for over 30 years and over that time many have felt so pleased with our services that they wanted to put pen to paper and tell us just that!

So; don’t just take our word on how good we are – read some of our client testimonials to see what our clients think……..

Purchasing Manager – NHS Foundation Trust

“The Trust tendered its courier service contract in 2011. Speed Couriers were awarded the contract, despite a strong bid from the Trusts incumbent supplier, a company we had used for many years.

James has worked really hard to ensure that the demands of our organisation are met. This frequently involves taking on extra work over and above the original contract specification at no additional cost to the Trust and resolving issues, which in fairness were not his to resolve.

The contract was for 2 years with an option to extend for a further 2 years. needless to say, we took the option to extend.

Speed Couriers and in particular James and the regular drivers really have gone out of their way to make sure the contract was a success and I would recommend without reservation.”

Secretary – City Centre Lawyers

“I would just like to say that since we have been using Speed you have had nothing but good reviews so far.  People can’t believe how quick and fast you are and also how you bend to help us with regards to time etc.

Just thought you might like to know that you’re making an impact here as every department has started using you.  Think it’s made everyone realise just how unhelpful the old courier service was!

I’m very pleased they have taken you on!!”

Client Service Manager – International Fulfillment House

“Hi James and Ian,

Just a quick note to say I got a text from my client yesterday saying the event in London went really well and your drivers were very helpful. The client said she would definitely be in touch for similar events in future.

Thanks again to everyone involved.”

Office Manager – City Centre Lawyers

“Thank you for your assistance in delivering this document.  Very efficient service.”

Private Client – Delivery of Personal Effects

“I would like to thank your driver for the excellent service he did taking the boxes from my daughter and delivering to my parents in Honiton.  He was so well-mannered and lovely my parents and my daughter said they could not wish for a nicer person.  Please thank him so much.

Many thanks for your excellent service.”

Logistics Manager – Computer Parts

“I suppose this letter is much overdue considering the length of time we have been doing business together!

On the 18th November one of your drivers took a package to London; the contents of which were needed by our Director to make a presentation. The goods were delivered within 4 hours and our chap in London thought you had used a helicopter!

The above example is typical of the quality of care and service that I have always received from your staff. The word “Excellent” hardly seems to do you justice!”

Accounts Dept – Comms Company

“Many thanks for getting us out of the proverbial today!”

Client Service Manager – International Marketing Agency

“An always reliable and efficient service, delivering and collecting on time throughout the country.”

Despatch Manager – Print Production Company

“Just to say thanks for getting my banners from Bootle to meet my (far too tight; apologies – but forced upon me!) deadline this morning. Much appreciated!”

Courier Manager – Medical Services Laboratory

“Speed Couriers provide collection and delivery of urgent pathology samples between our laboratory and our service users throughout the North West;  they also provide daily and nightly UK wide shuttle services.

We have enjoyed a particularly good relationship with Speed Couriers; they have taken the time and effort to understand our business and fully commit themselves to their role within our operation.

Their drivers and riders are all well-trained and briefed, friendly and professional, and the control room staff are able to rise to any challenge we throw at them (and there have been a few).

We have used, and will continue to use, Speed Couriers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they are a vital part of our business in the North West. I do not hesitate to recommend Speed Couriers as an efficient, professional organisation who will meet any courier needs you may have.”

Proprietor, Mobile Coffee Vending Company

“Thanks once again for yesterday; it was a professional and speedy delivery once we got on the road and considering the weather conditions!”

Account Executive – International Marketing Agency

“Provides a great efficient service, combined with excellent prices and flexibility when you need it most”.

Operations Director – Experiential Marketing Agency

“Professional and determined to provide the highest quality of customer service. I confidently recommend them to anyone as a solid and reliable courier, and experts in their field”

IT Security Manager – NHS Trust

“This PCT has been using the services of Speed Couriers since February 2009. This followed a period of rigorous checking of a number of courier companies based in Manchester, some of them nationally known, others local. We have found them to be a thoroughly reliable and responsive operation and we have used them both for local and national runs.

Of particular value to us have been the following characteristics:-

1. The responsiveness of the management and booking team

2. The anonymity of the vehicles when requested – totally discrete white vans or bikes

3. The company’s willingness to conform to our security standards

4. The initiative shown by the drivers allocated to us – who have reported to me the laxity of some of our suppliers and nipped potential security breaches in the bud.

In this way, given our continued dependence on the transfer of physical media and the increased demands of the ICO, I consider Speed to be a vital component of our Information Security and Governance measure.”

Production Director – Media & Marketing Company

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you did for us last week on the Morrisons  /  Safeway job. Without all of your help and co – operation the job would never have been completed. We appreciate all your hard work and efforts and will continue to use Speed Couriers in the future”

Of course; we know it would be easy for a less than scrupulous company to be “creative” over testimonials. Call us on 0161 877 2000 and we would be only too happy to substantiate the origin of these, and many more, client testimonials!

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