Amazon’s Delivery Dream Flies Again!

Recent news shows that Amazon’s famous delivery drone video may be more than just a well edited show of technology; it would seem they and other companies that offer a delivery service are more than interested in making this futuristic convenience a reality!

Engineers are now looking to overcome a fundamental challenge: helping unmanned, suitcase-sized aircraft see where they’re going.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The key to the success of these drones is creating sensors that are able to keep the drones from colliding with buildings, people and anything else that would impede travel – yet are small and light enough that the machines can stay aloft.

Aurora Flight Sciences is testing echo location, a method that mimics how bats navigate in the dark, while engineers at 3D Robotics are turning to optic flow sensors, which detect objects by examining video pixels.

“Sense and avoid is one of the biggest opportunities in the industry,” said Jesse Kallman, chief of global business development for San Francisco-based Airware, a drone-equipment maker backed by Google Ventures. “The technology is not there yet, but it’s something the industry needs badly.”

Airspace Regulations

In America, airspace regulations for drones are just starting to take shape. There are still “serious unanswered questions” about the safety and reliability of unmanned aircraft, a National Academy of Sciences panel said yesterday. A report from the 17-member group cited “many substantial barriers” to integrating unmanned aircraft into US airspace, including technology, a regulatory system unprepared to oversee them and privacy questions.

We’ll be watching with a keen eye to see how these miniature delivery drones develop, but for a safe, secure and grounded delivery service that you can rely on, be sure to call speed couriers today on 0161 877 2000!


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