Are Amazon Pushing Boundaries Once Again?

You may remember that Amazon’s space age delivery drones caught our interest earlier this year as they released videos of their airborne couriers dropping off packages at a customer’s home within minutes of him placing his order. A recent article by David Gilbert on the International Business Times website however, tells readers not to believe the hype and see the drones as nothing more than a marketing tool to gain favour from consumers on the approach to the Christmas season.

Amazon’s viral delivery drone video just happened to appear online on ‘Cyber Monday’; the first Monday of December in which millions of people flock to online stores to buy presents in good time for Christmas. David speculates that Amazon’s ‘drone’ theory is full of “gaping holes”, and draws comparisons between the drones and their latest announcement.

Amazon has recently released their next feat of amazing customer service: the oracle-like ability to predict and ship your order before you even place it!

That’s right, Amazon are supposedly working on a ‘mind-reading’ technology that will predict what people want to buy and ship packages even before customers have placed an order.

Amazon has filed a patent for the technology called “anticipatory shipping”. The technology aims to eliminate a major disadvantage of online shopping: customers cannot receive their items immediately after purchase, but must instead wait for the products to be shipped to them.

The American company will use an array of factors, such as previous purchases, items customers have searched for, and even the amount of time a user’s cursor hovers over a product to predict what purchases a person may make, ‘The Times’ reported.

We’re not convinced at this stage, and this could well be considered ‘crossing boundaries’ by many consumers. Although one thing is for sure, if any automated high-value orders are made, Speed Couriers are here to save the day!

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