Are Britains Parcel Couriers still Struggling


Due to the rise in online shopping, delivery services should be booming, however a recent report has shown one popular deliver company has closed their doors, and many others are losing money and reputation.

The Independent reports that City Link – after suffering from a lot of losses over a number of years – has closed after struggling to keep up with the constant change in demand from online shoppers and increased competition.

The report shows that since City Link have started to incur losses, more than 2,500 staff has been made redundant and the company’s owner has been criticised for leaving staff high and dry over Christmas.

In theory, due to the rise in online retail it should be a massive boost for British parcel delivery services but yet many have struggled to adapt to the change in demand and find it very difficult to hit the 30 minute slot windows they are given for customers.

Another company that has reportedly struggled is Yodel; the firm has been bashed with criticism in the past for failing to deliver on time and breaking goods before they reached their destination, during one point last year the business even had to stop collecting parcels from retailers as they couldn’t keep up with the online sales following Black Friday.

It is becoming apparent as well that the whole market is becoming a more and more competitive, as with some businesses struggling like City Link and Yodel, others have come through and established a positive reputation with customers by regularly hitting delivery times and keeping up with the online sales demand.

Online shopping will only continue to grow in popularity due to its convenience and ease, and a reputable courier with plenty of experience should always handle the delivery of valuable or fragile items.

At Speed Couriers, a timely and secure delivery is our specialty; you can expect nothing to change from us! Only time will tell which courier companies will stand the test of time, but if you’re a betting person then you can place your chips confidently on Speed Couriers!

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