Why aren’t my eBay Items Selling?


Selling on any platform comes with its difficulties. However, on eBay, it is particularly difficult as there is so much competition. You may end up adding a listing thinking it will sell well only to gage no interest at all. That is why we have put together this handy guide that will help you to sell more items on eBay.  


Poor imagery  


Imagery is the first impression potential buyers will get from your listing. You might have a long, descriptive text telling someone that is viewing your item what it is. However, buyers will want your imagery to reflect what the text describes. You must take lots of high-quality photos showing all aspects of the item, especially if the item is used. People won’t want to spend money on something they haven’t seen. 


Starting prices and fixed prices 


Make sure that you know how much the item you’re selling is worth before listing it. When you list an item, it may be useful to list an item with a fixed price. This is beneficial as it ensures that you won’t be losing money on the sale. However, if you are using the “buy it now” fixed price option and no one is showing interest it could be listed at a price that is too high. Try re-listing at a slightly lower price.

Similarly, if you allowing people to bid on your item, high starting prices won’t tempt bidders. Keep your starting price as low as possible. This will encourage people to bid and continue to increase the price. You may add a reserve to your items as a precaution.  




Shipping options can either make or break a sale. If you’re not offering flexible delivery options and your competitor is then they will be more likely to sell their item. For this reason, you must offer multiple delivery options. Not everyone will choose the cheapest delivery option as they might want to receive their order sooner. It is also important that you choose the right couriers to handle your consignments. You may receive negative feedback if your couriers aren’t handling your deliveries with efficiency and care. Here at Speed Couriers, we offer a variety of delivery options. All of our drivers are fully trained and strive to provide an outstanding level of service with every delivery.  


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