Armed Forces Request British Public Clear Postal Lines for Family Christmas Mail

British Armed Forces are being urges to refrain from overloading the British Forces Post Office with mail to Afghanistan by instead showing their support though Service charities at Christmas.

Now with less than a month until Christmas Day, the BFOP is likely to receive an overwhelming amount of letters, gifts and other bulk items that are sent for troops during the festive season. These items are sent to Afghanistan primarily, but also all around the world, including Royal Navy ships.

Head of BFPO, Colonel Stephen Heron had this to say:

“Every year we see first-hand the generosity of the British public and though the sentiment is to be welcomed it can cause problems in delivering the mail that matters most – that from servicemen and servicewomen’s families. Getting this post through to them is our absolute priority, particularly at this time of year.

It is far better for people who want to show their support for our Armed Forces to donate to recognised Service charities who can use their experience to focus their efforts directly on what will be of most benefit to deployed Service personnel.”

In this time, the UK public are asked to keep in mind that, with the ongoing redeployment of UK personnel and equipment as security responsibilities are increasingly handed over to the Afghan forces, there will be significantly fewer UK troops in Afghanistan this Christmas compared to previous years.

The Armed Forces are asking the public once again to show their support by making donations to approved charities such as the ‘uk4u Thanks! Christmas Box appeal’ which works with BFPO to make use of any spare space in the existing supply chain.

By James Hadley

James Hadley

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