Attractive Packaging Can Woo Shoppers

A recent poll has displayed results that suggest people are far more likely to purchase items that are attractively packaged when shopping online. The survey, reports business intelligence magazine Internet Retailer, reports some extremely interesting findings.

They have said that research carried out by fulfilment services provider Dotcom Distribution shows a massive 83% of some three hundred US shoppers stated they would post a picture of an “attractively packaged” purchase on their social media accounts to show to their friends.

In addition to this impressive statistic, the report also discovered that 51% of the involved participants said they would expect to receive premium packaging and presentation from retailers. This stat is based on whether the online store provides this type of packaging within their in-store service. In addition to this, an even larger 71% said they fully expected to get higher quality packaging when ordering more expensive items on the internet than they would when purchasing them in a store.

The poll has also shown that 52% of people surveyed stated they would far more likely to revisit an online store and buy from them again if they offered high quality, attractive packaging. As well as this, 60% of respondents said they would take into consideration whether the packaging was environmentally friendly, stating this was a very important factor to consider when buying from an ecommerce site.

This online packaging survey came about due to the poll carried out Rakuten, an online marketplace. Their research found that up to a fifth of the British population had said they were now more likely to do more shopping in online ecommerce stores than they were at real, high street stores.

By James Hadley

James Hadley

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