Best packaging methods to protect different items?

A good courier can only do so much. It doesn’t matter how gentle we are or how carefully we load your stuff, if your items haven’t been packaged appropriately, there is always a chance they will be damaged.
Don’t want to risk sending damaged goods to your customers? Here’s a guide to some of the best packaging methods to protect different items:

Fragile items

When you’re shipping breakables, such as china or glass, the packaging methods you choose are crucial. Items should always be protected by specialist material, such as bubble wrap, as this can help to prevent breakages en route. However, ‘double-boxing’ the goods and adding polystyrene to the outer box can also help to restrict movement and keep your items safe and secure.


There are many products which aren’t solid, so you’ll need to prepare appropriate packaging methods if any of your items contain liquids. When shipping make-up, for example, if one item leaks, it could ruin the entire shipment. Protect each item individually and you’ll prevent contamination if a leak does occur. Furthermore, packing with absorbent materials and using bubble wrap, polystyrene chips or inflated packs helps to keep goods immobile while they’re transported and minimises the risk of leaking.

Specialist items

If your goods need to be shipped in a specialist environment, you’ll need packaging materials that can meet your requirements. Shipping envelopes which keep goods at a specific temperature can be ideal for climate-controlled goods, for example. Often used for pharma shipping, you can combine packaging methods to ensure your goods arrive in perfect condition.

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