Summer Driving Preparation

Whilst most people become anxious drivers during the winter months, and take a number of precautions to avoid road accidents, the summer months also provide their own unique dangers. As a result, it is essential that you increase your driving safety levels, for both you … [read more]

Drunk US Postal Worker Drives Van Off the Road

A worker for the UPS (United States Postal Service) has this week been charged with driving under the influence off the job whilst doing his rounds. Thomas Hackney, of Chicago, Illinois, was driving his work vehicle Friday, 5th of July when he crashed it at … [read more]

Promote Dog Awareness Week

In the coming days, anticipation will be steadily growing in the delivery sector as people prepare for Dog Awareness Week 2013, which will take place from the 15th to the 21st of July. For years, postmen, couriers and other communication have been living with the … [read more]

Speed Couriers Favourite Driving Apps

As you might imagine, we at Speed Couriers spend plenty of time on the road delivering packages. As a result, we love find out about the newest driving apps, which can make any drive more efficient, effective and even enjoyable. Here, we’ve put together our … [read more]

Famous Footy Postmen

Following on from our past post about the most famous fictional postmen of all time, we thought it would be fun to bring you a list of REAL famous people who have been postmen in their lives, and found that a large number of household … [read more]

The Most Famous Fictional Posties of All-Time

Over the years, postmen have been depicted in books, plays, film and television. And these are not just small roles; some of these post-delivering characters have been central to their particular narrative and have instantly recognisable characters to the majority of the public. Here, we … [read more]

Royal Mail Bring Back Postal Collection Times in Cambridge

The Royal Mail have come under fire once again in Cambridge after deciding to alter the times their postal workers will collect from post boxes around the city. From now onwards, the final collection time in Cambridge will be made at 17:10 BST, which is … [read more]

Six to Ten Brits Have Bad Customer Service Experiences…Not Us!

  Recent statistics show thousands across the UK could regularly be getting poor customer service on a regular basis, meaning a lack of manners and commitment to providing a good service are lacking more by the year. Following the recent survey carried out by, … [read more]

Postman Wins Faulty Bike Payout!

A postman has received £10,000 in compensation from the Royal Mail, as a result of a nasty fall from a faulty bicycle. The Colchester-based Eastgates post office worker suffered a painful shoulder injury due to the chain snapping and throwing him from the Royal Mail … [read more]

Weirdest Post Offices in the UK

Whilst the majority of people will think of post offices as average, boring places, there are a number dotted around the UK that buck this trend. Here, we’re going to show you a collection of the weirdest post offices on these shores. Smallest The smallest … [read more]

Sat Nav Mishaps

For many modern car owners, the map is a thing of the past, and will never be used again due to the convenience and functionality of modern satellite navigation units. In some cases however, these handy little helpers can land users in a strange situation … [read more]

Royal Mail Hike Up Parcel Prices

Online retailer ‘Mobile Fun’ has voiced their criticisms over to Royal Mail’s parcel charges, predicting they could add further pressure to small first who are already pinching pennies! A further annual price rise has been brought in, on top of a 2.5% fuel surcharge, while … [read more]

Top Tips for Sending Mail Overseas

Sending mail overseas can be a tricky process. It can be a long, arduous process and packages can be easily lost in the system. Here, you’ll find some top tips on how to minimize this risk and successfully send mail overseas. Addressing When addressing a … [read more]

Postage Changes Introduced In April 2013

The 2nd of April 2013 will see the Royal Mail make some significant changes to the cost of their postal service, which will affect both individuals and businesses. There is a lot of information in this recent announcement, but the main points are as follows. … [read more]

Top Tips for Sending Post

Whilst it may sound easy, successfully sending post can be a tricky job. There are a number of steps you have to take to achieve this which, if done incorrectly or forgotten, can lead to your post ending up in the wrong place – and … [read more]

Quick Tips for Posting Fragile Items

Sending an item from one place to the next via post is certainly a convenient way of getting things around, but when it comes to more fragile items such as pottery on antiquers (commonly bought in online auctions) receivers often find their items to be … [read more]

John Lewis Bid to Expand Parcel Collection System

Recent announcements from retail giants John Lewis inform customers that they can expect their click and collect service to continue, following a new partnership with parcel collection service CollectPlus. Currently, customers have been able to arrange collection of their parcel at around 230 John Lewis … [read more]

Top 5 strangest things you can buy online

Many people know that the internet and it’s possibilities are endless, but many haven’t considered the items which are on offer, so here are a few of the strangest yet wonderful things you can purchase online. #5 a man lifting war kite Why would you … [read more]

Parcel Delivery in Demand with Surge in Online Purchases

Busy festive shoppers have decided to shun high street retail stores and have instead traded them in for the online market. Recent studies have shown a huge surge in online sales in the UK over Christmas, which could be an indicator that demand for parcel … [read more]