How To Choose the best UK Courier?

A courier service should deliver on time without any hiccups. The problem in today’s market is the level of saturation. A quick Google search will reveal hundreds of companies in the UK that all claim to provide the best service. To make sure you don’t end up with a cowboy that is late and can’t keep their promises, it’s essential to understand the telltale signs of a quality courier company.

To find out more about them, and to ensure you don’t make a shipping-based mistake, carry on reading. Here’s how to choose the best UK courier in your local area.

Delivery Speed

Not every customer has three to five working days to wait for a parcel. Some people need it as quickly as the next day, or a nominated day of their choice. A courier company should always have a variety of options for the customer. Otherwise, there is no way to find a solution to a time-related issue. At Speed Couriers, we don’t only have a standard and overnight service, but we also deliver internationally too for the sake of our customers. That way, a package can get to its destination on time, no matter what.


Accidents happen and are hard to avoid sometimes. It’s not as if it’s always someone else’s fault. Still, an excellent courier service understands this and has a backup plan in place. An insurance policy will keep you and the business covered in case there is an unforeseen circumstance so that you don’t lose your goods or your money. If there isn’t coverage in place, there should be a world-class customer service plan that tracks parcels and offers discounts in case anything goes wrong.

Proof Of Excellence

Plenty of couriers say they are excellent yet don’t have the evidence to prove their claim. Without unbiased third-party sources, there is no way to tell whether they are a trustworthy service or a company trying to make a quick profit. The key is to check for customer testimonials as previous customers don’t have a reason to lie. Another good indicator is an award or accreditation. As a member of the National Courier and Despatch Association, Speed Couriers is a reliable service that has twice won the National Award from its peers and the Regional award ten times.

On top of these awards, we also have an ISO 9001 that is an indicator of an accredited quality management system.

Moral Compass

Customers need a service that is in line with their morals. Sadly, couriers create carbon and their footprint can be high, adding to the world’s pollution problem. The solution isn’t to stop using them, but to use the companies that take the environment seriously. An ISO 14001 is an international standard that shows the courier is committed to reducing damage to the planet. As well as this, there should be a sustainability policy set out in writing that’s accessible.

As well as taking a courier’s solutions into account, you also need to make sure they are quantifiable. Here at Speed Couriers, we make sure everything we do is published for our customers’ information.

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