Christmas Comes Once a Year, Apparently in Mid-October ? But What are the Benefits?

Customers like you should get used to Christmas coming early. Today’s marketers and big companies ensure that once the Halloween products have left the shelves, they are ready to slip into their white and red fur trimmed jacket and hat, heading directly into the festive season.

In today’s world, consumers all over the globe are bombarded with holiday adverts and festive songs as early as October, and in some unfortunate cases as soon as September. There are a variety of deals and sales in preparation for the big day which won’t even arrive for another 2 months.

Although this may be a little aggravating for some, there are many plus sides to purchasing your presents early…and think, you won’t feel guilty for doing so either because Christmas will already be surrounding you.

Royal mail have released some last posting dates in order for you to miss the Christmas rush, but what happens if you miss the 18th or 20th of December? In order to make sure your presents are laid under the tree in time buy your presents early, and send them off early, this way you won’t have to worry about express and signature services or tracking your order.

The consumer watchdog advises that UK households should plan ahead to cut the cost of sending Christmas cards by 10p per card, by sending them second class before the deadline on December 18th. The current price of stamps is 60p for first-class, and 50p for second-class. With 750 million Christmas cards expected to be sent in the build up to Christmas, the potential saving overall is £75 million. In reality, records show that around one third of Christmas cards are sent first class, this equates to an extra £25 million being spent unnecessarily across the UK. By purchasing your cards early you can not only make sure they arrive on time saving stress, you can also save money.

If it already seems a little late for you to plan ahead, don’t worry there’s still a chance of your presents and cards arriving on time. The answer is an speedy, secure and online tracking service known as an express and signature service.

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