What Should You Do If Your Christmas Parcel Has Not Arrived


It’s very close to Christmas and many of us are eagerly waiting for the last of our shopping to arrive. A shortage of drivers and a rise in online orders could see thousands of deliveries being delayed over the festive period. If you have ordered Christmas gifts and you expect them to be delivered before Christmas what do you do if they have not been delivered? What are your rights?

Your Rights

If a retailer has promised to deliver in a specific time frame it is a breach of contract for them not to do so. If you have paid a premium rate to ensure that your items arrive before a certain date then you are within your rights to apply for a refund if it has not arrived. Until the delivery has reached you, it is the retailer’s responsibility to deal with any issues during its journey. Therefore, the responsibility of the refund lies with the retailer and not the courier provider.

Under the new Consumer Rights Act 2015 you will have the right to cancel your order. Up to 30 days after the item has arrived you can cancel the order and seek a refund. The refund must be made “without undue delay”. If the retailer doesn’t state that you will have to pay to return an item prior to your purchase then you will not have to. However, if this is listed in their terms and conditions you may have to pay postage costs.

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