Convenience Versus Price

Recent studies confirm that there is a continued disconnect between consumer and retailer expectations in the delivery industry when it comes down to the age-old ‘convenience versus price’ relationship.

BT and Retail Week’s 2014 Consumer Report shed some additional light on consumers’ feelings on the inclusion of a delivery service when purchasing products. The study showed that while many consumers want convenient delivery, and almost a quarter (23.6%) said they would stop using a retailer if they didn’t offer this service, nearly half of consumers (48.1%) are unwilling to pay for it.

Similarly, JDA’s Customer Pulse Report yielded results that gave the same message; 61% of participants said they would switch to another retailer if they experienced an ‘unacceptable’ home delivery, despite the fact that a considerable 64% identified ‘cost’ as the most important factor when it came to their satisfaction.

It’s no coincidence that retailers offering convenient and affordable delivery will often attract higher average basket values. Every pence spent on a retailer’s distribution strategy should have this front of mind. To achieve this, however, retailers require a far more coordinated approach across their operations, marketing and sales teams to share costs, set price points that work and ultimately encourage spend.

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