Courier Nightmares and How to Prevent Them

Complaints that some courier companies receive range from broken parcels to lost items. We’ve decided to highlight what could be referred to as the top couriering nightmares, and put your mind at ease knowing that you can rely on a leading couriering company in Manchester.

Poor timings

We understand that it is often very inconvenient when you have to wait in all day hoping to receive a parcel. It can be very frustrating to receive an inconvenient delivery time. It can be even more frustrating if you’ve had to change plans or book a day off just to make sure you don’t miss it only to have the parcel delivered outside of the specified time. Sometimes a parcel simply doesn’t show up. Fortunately, our team here at Speed Couriers take a number of steps to avoid this from ever happening. We offer tracked delivery so that you can keep an eye on your parcels whereabouts during transit. Additionally, we will provide confirmation of your delivery once it has been delivered.

Damaged parcels

If a parcel arrives at its destination damaged it can be very disappointing and lead to a lot of unnecessary hassle. At Speed Couriers, we deliver your goods in condition that you left them in. From the collection and transportation of the package to the final delivery, we ensure that your parcels are handled with care and attention, ensuring that you receive every package in the condition you would expect.

Avoid having to Make Complaints with Speed Couriers

At Speed Couriers, we are find that our customers do not need to raise the issues listed above as we strive to deliver your goods in perfect condition every time you choose to use our services.

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