Couriering Issues and How to Resolve Them

It is Halloween and we thought we’d take the opportunity to offer up some nightmares that could be experienced should you choose a poor couriering service. There have been countless stories from people receiving the dreaded “sorry, we missed you” card despite being in to having items worth a pretty penny being left in a recycling bin.

Parcel tracking

What can it help to avoid?

Lost items.

Parcel tracking is offered by most couriering services. There’s no denying that knowing where your parcel is at all times can make you feel more at ease as losing a parcel in transit can be distressing. Additionally, If you aren’t home, the knowledge of where your parcel is and when it is likely to be delivered will enable you to adjust your schedule accordingly or inform the courier to leave the parcel with a neighbour or in a safe place. This can be extremely beneficial as making this sort of arrangement with a courier will save you from having to go to a depot to retrieve your items at a later time.

Do your research

What can it help to avoid?

Bad customer experience or an unreliable service.

Doing your research on a couriering service will ensure that they have a legitimate background and their promises will hold up. You should not only look at the services offered but also what their previous users thought of them. If they don’t offer this information it is best to keep looking until you find another courier.

Finding an Experienced Courier

What can it help avoid?

Inefficiency is out of the picture. Experienced drivers will understand how to handle deliveries that need to be sent quickly.  Choosing and experienced driver will ensure your item is in safe hands.

Many businesses use couriers to send a variety of items – from letters to medical items. In certain situations, the delivery time frame of an item can be extended but in most cases you can send an item for delivery the same day, or the very next day. An experienced driver will understand reason the urgency of a same day delivery. The need to send an item which you can be certain will be safely with its recipient within the next 24 hours at most.

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