Couriers Behaving Badly!

At Speed Couriers, we know that a quality courier service consists of a speedy delivery, safe, secure transportation and proper communication with the customer. We believe that customers who entrust us with their items for delivery deserve the best customer service possible, and nothing makes us happier than keeping our customers satisfied by delivering packages and parcels on time and in perfect condition.

Unfortunately, there are instances at some courier companies in the UK that simply baffle us, and this latest case that recently made the news is no exception.

A Simple Mistake became a Much Bigger Problem!

When a fellow coach passenger mistook Mr John Rodger’s suitcase for his own, it seemed like a simple temporary inconvenience. Luckily, the passenger realised his mistake, found Rodger’s contact details and arranged to have the case couriered to his home in Scotland.

Over a week after it was collected by delivery company Hermes, a much smaller package was flung through Rodger’s letterbox and the van apparently drove off without waiting for a signature! The parcel featured the original label recording the 14kg weight of the suitcase, but the only thing inside was a single bottle of lavender oil.

“It seems pretty obvious that the case has been stolen and this bottle bizarrely substituted,” says Mr Rodger’s mother Una. “A signature appears on the tracking information on the website and we are dependent on the other passenger to claim for the £300-worth of possessions”.

A Whole Bunch of Dissatisfied Customers

These cheap, budget courier services are unregulated. Hermes, along with rival courier company Yodel, were ranked the UK’s worst parcel delivery services earlier this year in a survey conducted by MoneySavingExpert. More than half of the customers surveyed who had had goods delivered by Yodel rated their experience as “bad”, yet it is still used by retail giants such as Amazon, Argos and Tesco Direct because its cheap rates enable them to keep delivery charges to a minimum.

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