Couriers deliver the strangest things…


Here at Speed Couriers, we are used to handling the kinds of items that you would not normally find in Postman Pat’s postal bag (even if Jess has ‘scratched’ around in there while he wasn’t looking).

This is something that we take in our stride, accept as a part of the job and don’t think twice about (we specialise in medical transportation, after all) – but there are some things that end up in the hands of a courier that would even make us blink in disbelief!

There is the case of Jess the cat, for instance (not that one), that ended up in the back of a Royal Mail van. Apparently, the wayward mog had jumped in while the driver was making a pickup.

Accidental packages like that one are relatively uncommon, but there are even stranger items that people have delivered deliberately!
From couriers being hired to ‘babysit’ a birthday cake on a commercial flight, to three Black Rhinos being transported (by an international courier firm… Yes, really) from the UK to Tanzania, there have been some even stranger courier requests and deliveries that have been completed, in this crazy old world of ours.

Two of the oddest deliveries in the worldstrange-1

‘Immunisation’ via courier service. As parents, we all want our children to be immunised against nasty diseases, such as Chickenpox, but there are ways and means of doing these things and none of them include buying a dose of the disease on the internet and having it delivered via courier. Right?

Well, for every connected computer there is someone that will try and make money using it (not a bad thing, in of itself). But actually shipping a communicable disease? That has to be the worst idea ever, surely? It has to be right up there with Pox Parties – this is where playdates are organised between children with Chickenpox, and healthy children (also an actual ‘thing’ in some parts of the world… Looking at you, America!)

What came first, the chicken or the child? The child, apparently. Way back in 1914, young May Piersrorff , 4 years old, was going off on a trip to visit her grandmother. With postage being a lot cheaper than train fare, can you guess how her parents decided to get their only daughter to her destination?

Back then, there was a weight limit of 50 lbs for ‘package’ deliveries, and young May came in at just under 49 lbs (lucky for her, right?). Posting chickens was, and still is, perfectly legal so that’s the rate they paid for May to be ‘delivered’. With the postage pinned to her jacket, May was put in the baggage car of the train. This actually happened, but don’t worry – the mailing of children became illegal by 1920.

Infectious diseases and small children aside, if you have a precious item that needs to get from point A to point B in one piece then Speed Courier are the people to talk to.

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