Are your delivery expectations fufilled?

Leading brands always aim to improve customer satisfaction levels, as this is one of the most important goals of any successful enterprise. However, one Asda customer has been left utterly stunned – but not in a good way. Online shopper Claire Lewis discovered that a slow worm had tagged along with her delivery. The company has since apologised and has offered compensation for her experience.

In light of this story, we are summarising the checks you should be conducting when you receive an item through the mail.


Examine the items listed on your purchase order to ensure that they fulfil purchase specifications. After receiving items you should run checks keeping the following points in mind.

• The products are in line with the attributes listed on the purchase order/ receipt. This can include size, colour, model number and descriptions.
• Perishable items are sealed adequately and have been sent with an acceptable expiry date. Additionally, items should not have damage unless stated prior to the purchase.
• Purchase substitutions should be clearly stated with the option for you to reject the product.

As expected, the supplier must take complete responsibility for an item whilst it is in transit. If you haven’t had the chance to inspect your items and the products you receive are unsatisfactory then you may be eligible for an immediate refund.


This acts as an acknowledgement that the products received have fully met the requirement of the purchase order so that the distributor can be paid. Deliveries that are classed as “accepted” if you do not have a quality or delivery issue.

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