How delivery options can impact basket abandonment rates

Shopping basket abandonment is an area that many businesses want to investigate more, particularly when sales unexpectedly dip. Delivery options that appeal to customers’ needs can actually help reduce the chances of a customer abandoning the checkout and shopping elsewhere.

We haven’t created this statement simply because we operate in the couriering industry. Research finds that 66% of 3,000 people surveyed say that they have bought goods from a retailer in preference to another as their delivery options were better. 49% state that they would pay more for more convenient delivery options.

With so many businesses offering similar products, consumers will not hesitate to abandon shopping baskets if they encounter delivery options that do not meet their expectations. Over half of shoppers surveyed confirm they’d did not complete an online order due to poor delivery options, citing, among other reasons, that their items could not be delivered with a guaranteed date. Furthermore, 51% of those interviewed stated they had not finalised a purchase because the returns process offered was not easy or convenient for them.

In terms of what consumers expect from online retailers, 83% say they want delivery options displayed on the product page. Additionally, 86% of shoppers want fast delivery and 83% say they now expect a guaranteed delivery date.
Ensuring that the checkout process is clear is a great way to reduce the chances of shopping basket abandonment. This can be achieved by communicating delivery options throughout the browsing process. Online retailers need to have visible delivery options on their websites and should display delivery costs to avoid customers backing out of a purchase due to unexpected charges.

In summary, customers want fast, reliable and clear delivery options when buying online. Here at Speed Couriers, we offer just that. Our services include same day and next day delivery options as well as our online guest booking system.

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