Does your package have explosive potential?


Bonfire night is upon us and whilst at organised firework displays everyone is more than happy watching them shoot, crackle and sparkle in the sky, they are not so welcome at cargo depots! When sending goods at this time of year, many people may not realise the potential danger of what they are sending. So, here are a few pointers so you can make sure that your package does not have explosive potential.

Goods with explosive potential


As the obvious item with an explosive potential, fireworks are extremely dangerous and incredibly flammable, even more so when being sent through a courier or stored in a cargo depot with no supervision. If you are sending fireworks via courier or cargo depot, make sure you notify all parties involved and label your package clearly.


Even though flares are a type of pyrotechnic like fireworks, having them packaged and sent via cargo depots is extremely dangerous. Flares are packed with explosive chemicals and are extremely flammable. They are very powerful and could cause serious harm if they explode indoors or within range of people or animals. For this reason they need to be strictly regulated – especially when they are in transit.


Usually found in pyrotechnics, the fuse is the part of the explosive that when lit will initiate a reaction. The fuse is very delicate and extremely reactive near an open flame, so these can be very dangerous to send without caution or protection.

Igniters, matches and lighters

Sending Igniters, matches or lighters can be a very dangerous gamble as, if filled with gas or lighter fluid, they are reactant at any time and extremely harmful if not handled properly. They are also extremely flammable, so in cargo depots they are unpredictable as there is no real supervision on the package.

Explosive beauty products

These are very popular goods that are sent all year round, however typically more frequently as Christmas approaches. When sending compressed, gas-filled goods it is important that you notify your courier of the potential danger and label your packages clearly stating the content. It is important to express caution near heat as items like these are extremely flammable.

With Halloween and bonfire night around the corner, more and more fireworks and explosives are present around us and whilst it is an exciting time, it’s always important to be careful and cautious of the dangers of explosives. If you are hosting or attending any fireworks displays this year be prepared for the situations you are in. Have fun and stay safe!

If you have any questions or are unsure about the potential explosive nature of what you are sending, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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