Drive Safely During Winter


Chilly mornings are upon us already in the Northwest of England, and early bird drivers have found themselves wrapping up warm in their vehicles until the car’s heating kicks in. As winter approaches, we can certainly expect these cold conditions to cause problems on the road, so taking some time to prepare and be extra cautious before everyone buys up the de-icer is a smart move.

Stock up

Grabbing some winter supplies to keep in your boot could get you out of a particularly nasty situation, so be sure to stock up on the following items before the frost hits the road and your windscreen.

·         Windscreen De-icer (never apply boiling water, this can crack your windscreen)

·         Ice Scraper

·         New windscreen wiper blades (your size can be found in your manual)

·         Spare headlight/indicator bulbs

·         Check tyre pressure and tread depth, this is particularly important in winter. A legal requirement of 1.6mm depth is vital.

·         Hazard/break down reflective triangle

·         Spare set of warm clothes/wellington boots in case of breakdown

Drive Safe

As cold weather can present treacherous driving conditions, it’s important to drive in an extra-cautions manner (if it is absolutely necessary to drive in the first place). Be aware than the smallest turn or corner could easily turn into a skid or collision, so be sure to turn as slowly and gently as possible, avoiding sharp corners entirely. If your journey is uphill, find the route with the most gradual incline, steep hills can cause a lot of problems for motorists in winter.

Winter driving can cause many problems for motorists in more ways than one; remember to be prepared before the frost comes!

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