Driverless Spotted in San Francisco

Citizens of San Francisco have had to have their eyes peeled these last couple of weeks as a driverless car has been spotted multiple times driving around their streets. The car is a Mercedes F015 Luxury In Motion, but it has gained a lot of attention by people who at any opportunity have tweeted about it or scrambled to get a picture of the vehicle with many of the reports saying no one has been driving the car at the time.

The car itself is a 4 seater inside but has a very sleek and futuristic look, with its streamline roof and low slung front-end many have been using the phrase that the ‘future is here’ as this could potentially change the way we get around and could be one of the many steps into the future.

Many people have been taking to social media with tweets and Instagram pictures of the car in action on the streets and it’s become a bit of a social media meme with people snapping shots of it ‘Parked in the crosswalk like a boss’ with people replying with ‘Self driving car does what it wants’. Many people have been asking a price for the car but as far as we know the car hasn’t been made for commercial use but many believe that now this type of car exists and possibly working, it’ll only be another couple of years before these are out on the market ready for people to buy for themselves.

What possible effect could this have on our society? Could it lead to a lot more safe and organized way of travelling or could have possible risks with the car? Could it possible change that way society works and change how certain services work, like delivery services, only time will tell!


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