Driving economy – saving the environment: Avian Fleet Remapping.

The team at Speed Couriers employ many measures to increase the economy of our fleet and operation and so minimise the impact we have on the environment.

At a basic level all our staff are trained to ensure drivers are aware of their need to drive in a responsible and economic fashion. Going a step further our vehicles are tracked so that we can monitor driver behaviour and ensure they travel by the most economical routes.

Going further still we will shortly be trialing engine remapping in partnership with Avian Fleet to further drive economy and reduce emissions.

But isn’t remapping for the boy racers? In short no……

The ECU (Engine Control Units) fitted to vehicles as standard cannot be optimised by the manufacturers as they have to allow for several parameters so that the engine can work under different conditions, such as:

  • the Country that the vehicle will end up in ranging from hot climates to freezing
  • the fuel grade in that country
  • service level – from poor servicing to regularly maintained
  • terrain – flat grades to steep slopes
  • humidity

Therefore it is unlikely that the standard engines in our vehicles are running at their most economical due to the wider tolerances that allow the vehicle to cope across a broad range of conditions.

After ECU re-mapping by Avian Fleet our vehicles should give a smoother, more responsive engine and sharper acceleration and, crucially, increased fuel efficiency.

In satisfying our primary objective of fuel efficiency we expect to see reduced cost through increasing the MPG and by improving the efficiency of the engine there will be a corresponding reduction in the amount of CO2 emissions produced.

At Speed Couriers we feel that we can make a quantifiable difference to our environmental footprint through the use of this technology, and save money too………it may even be something you would wish to consider with your personal vehicles?

Avian Fleet ECU Remapping

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