Driving Safely with Pets

It’s a common sight to see a furry companion sitting in the backseat of a car or even making the passenger seat their own. It is so common that we even see it on TV and in films. However, did you know that if a furry friend is not properly restrained in a vehicle then the owner could be at risk of receiving a substantial fine?

Driving with a pet may not give you any penalty points but drivers may find themselves being pulled over due to lack of care and attention whilst driving. The reason behind restraining pets is so that they cannot distract you, injure you or themselves if you need to stop quickly. If you are found to be driving without due care and attention you will face a maximum fine of £5000 and 9 penalty points. A driver may even face a compulsory ban and re-test should the breach of the Highway Code be severe enough. Insurers are also unlikely to pay out if an accident was caused by an unrestrained pet.

So, what can you do if you are driving with pets?

Pets are more likely to behave well if their environment is comfortable. Here are a few tips to make your pet feel more comfortable in a car:

  • Motorists should not allow their pet to ride with its head hanging out the window. It is dangerous and could cause injury to your pet and distract other drivers.
  • Ensure that you bring some water so that your pet doesn’t overheat. Animals can become overheated inside a parked vehicle and at risk of dehydration, sunstroke or even death.
  • Use sunshades on windows so that when you and your pet return to the car it will be cooler.
  • Make your pet feel at home by bringing along one of their toys.

If you’re planning on taking a journey with your pets make sure to follow these pointers so that your friend stays happy and behaves well.



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