Drunk US Postal Worker Drives Van Off the Road

A worker for the UPS (United States Postal Service) has this week been charged with driving under the influence off the job whilst doing his rounds. Thomas Hackney, of Chicago, Illinois, was driving his work vehicle Friday, 5th of July when he crashed it at approximately 5:30 pm.

Injuring himself in the crash, Hackney had already been taken to John H Stroger, Jr Hospital by paramedics for unspecified injuries when police arrived on the scene. When interviewed by police at the hospital, Mr Hackney explained to them that a driver in another vehicle had swerved directly in front of him, causing him to swerve and crash. He said that the next thing he could recall was waking up in a hospital bed.

The police report showed that Hackney was unable to answer where he had been going on his route and what he had been doing. He stated that he thought he was doing pickups, but wasn’t sure, and asserted that he may have gone downtown to drop off mail at peoples’ houses, but could not be completely certain on this either.

During the police interview, officers noted that Mr Hackney smelled strongly of alcohol and that he had extremely bloodshot, glazed over eyes. When questioned about this, he stated that he had had “a little bit to drink last night”. However, following a routine analysis of his blood, it was found that he had a blood alcohol level of 0.204, approximately two and a half times the legal driving limit in the state of Illinois, which is 0.08. Hackney is scheduled to appear in court on the 26th of August, 2013.


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