Efficient Delivery Services are Vital, say IMRG

Online retail industry association IMRG has compiled a report detailing the usefulness of reliable and credible delivery services. The organisation carried out extensive research, concluding that the annual cost of failed deliveries is over £850million, a 7.5% increase when compared to 2010 (some of which is attributed to a rise in online shopping).

The report was compiled to help the UK’s e-retail industry understand the possible costs of services that to not live up to customer’s expectations, and to encourage businesses to look into how they could improve their operations in this area.

Commenting on the report, Andrew Starkey, head of logistics at IMRG, said the actual completion of an online order is the "final hurdle" for retailers and one of the most significant parts of the online shopping process, especially when it comes to making a positive and lasting impression on customers.

"Retailers and their carriers should be making full use of today's technology to improve communication as to the whereabouts of individual parcels throughout the entire delivery process. The data captured means it is perfectly possible to let consumers know where and when their parcels will be delivered."

This year’s research revealed the number of orders from UK retailers alone is around 656million of parcels and packets per annum, not including grocery shopping and two-man deliveries.

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