Flip flops to seal skins…graffeti to gorgrous…the Balkans

Croatia went from blazing hot and 30 degree’s flip flop weather to torrential rain in the space of a few minutes.

The weather improved for a while in Serbia, back to flip flop weather again until the horrible really black cloud loomed on the horizon, though this time it wasn’t seal skins we needed, it was snow shoes. All of a sudden we got hit by crazy strong swirling winds and the sort of hail storm that had all the cars parking up on the hard shoulder.

The hail shots were like being shot, really stiung through our jackets and not surprised the cars pulled up as I reckon the hail was big and hard enough to dent cars if they were driving. It was freezing so out with my heated jacket which made Ian very jealous. I felt like a boil in the bag meal. Lovely. It was a bit of a slog from here till we got to Nis in Serbia, not that far from the Bulgarian border.

To hell with camping tonight, time for a hotel.

Serbia stood out for 2 things, it seems to be the grafetti capital of Europe, and Nis seemed to have the most unbelieveably stunning ladies walking around. Like WOW, there’s yet another super model who  all seemed less than impressed by moto cross boots for  evening wear.

The locals must have thought we were the English “Care in the community patients” on tour.

Note to self, buy some shoes in the morning.







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