Georgia, gang brawls and stabbings

Entry into Georgia was swift and painless though once through the officialdom the crowd looked like a set of James Bond villans with the odd Alexi Sayle thrown in.

Money changned into Lari then off to downtown Batumi which is a starnge mix of very high tech flash buildings next to very run down communist blocks of flats.

We found a cheap hotel in line with our budget right next to a night club. Probably not our brightest move and the restaurant next door served superb food for next to nothing. Next morning Ian came in to my room and said “Did you hear all that last night?”

As my room was at the back of the hotel I’d heard nothing. He said a mass gang fight kicked off about 2 am when a couple of cars screamed into the car park at the front of the hotel where our bikes were parked. About 15 people were really battering each other then disappear for it all to happen twice more over the next 2 hours until somebody was stabbed and the police arrived.

As we couldn’t see the bikes from the bed room window we expected the worst that there would be damaged knocked over. Fortunately the bikes were exactly as we left them the night before and we didn’t get charged any extra for the ring side entertainment.

What an interesting welcome to Georgia.

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