Georgia the more gentle side

We contemplated hanging around Batumi for the next nights entertainment but opted for heading for Tbilisi the capital of Georgia to meet up with Lyndon and Lukas who are on their 2 year round the world trip. Makes our 2 month mission seem a bit feeble.

We also needed to go to the Azerbajain embassy to get a transit visa so we can detour east  into Russia and get back on route.

Tbilisi is buzzing, really great night life, good food and cheap. I can think of worse places to be stuck, but we didn’t come here to party, we’re on a mission to get to Mongolia.

After a week and 3000 miles on the road it was good to have a break and service the bikes in the back yard of the hotel.

However daily trips to the embassy chasing progress of our transit visa’s gets a bit tedious, we’re on first name with security now.

3000 mile in a week making progress has turned into zero miles and 300 pints in 5 days, annoying when you’ve got miles to cover and we’re well behind schedule.

We’ve also been warned the the police in Azerbaijan are really corrupt and exort fines from tourists en route. Something to look forward to.

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