Germany calling.

Time for a quick catch up as everything has been so hectic since leaving.

Each country has it’s own character, Germany was despatched cleanly and efficiently with it’s good motorway network and super clean service station toilets.  The first night was spent on a great campsite by the side of a lake, though within an hour of arriving the whole campsite shut down and hid from the English bikers. Bar closed, restaurant closed by 9pm. We had no option but to re enact the Great Escape as we could see an open bar on the other side of the fence. After a brief argument whether we dug the Colditz Style tunnel, or jump the fence on our bikes like Steve McQueen, we opted for scaling the 6 foot high fence. Then had to break back into to the camp when suitably drunk.

Austria was very similar. Ian managed to run out of petrol on the motorway in Austria, I was leading at the time so whenFranz our hero I saw he had gone missing it was a case of off at the next junction, double back and fortunately i saw him pushing the bike off a slip road so I knew his absence wasn’t due to an accident.

Our local friendly hero Franz and his son saw Ian was pushing the bike and without asking went to get some petrol for him. What a star!

This delay ruined our progress so after 450 miles we called it day and headed for the campsite in the middle of Graz. It was just about to start raining so the manager said don’t bother putting up tents in the rain, I’ll let you have a caravn for the same price, another star.

Having not only lost my luxury item, my camping chair off he back of the bike on the motorway my only pair of shoes umped off the back of the bike in sympathy so had to march round Graz in my big moto cross boots looking like some scruffy storm trooper.





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