Grand Theft Auto 5 Set To Sell Out and Break Records

Stores and supermarkets flung open their doors on the dot at midnight last night to start fan frenzy around the latest instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series. Demand has been so high in fact, that the game is set to break all previous records and some well known brands have even run out of stock.

Amazon, by far the most famous and well known online shopping outlet, has been one such brand, who hadn’t anticipated the sheer number of orders placed for the game. This is in spite of the fact that people have been able to pre-order the game for many months.

Amazon posted a message for the benefit of door-to-door couriers on their site, which stated that all Xbox 360 copies had sold out as a result of the high levels of demand. Grand Theft Auto V has been well received by gaming critics, earning rave reviews that have whipped up great fan anticipation, who expect it to define this generation of console gaming.

Tom Butler, social media editor of has stated that “Grand Theft Auto V is going to be the biggest entertainment launch of the year, possibly of all-time. The levels of consumer anticipation have outstripped even Twilight and Harry Potter”.

He added “With gamers queuing up at midnight to be the first to play and the developer boasting thousands of hours of game play, it’s not surprising that we’re likely to see an outbreak of GTA flue this September”.

Experts within the gaming industry have made predictions that Grand Theft Auto V is likely to sell up to 25 million units during the first year that it’s on sale, which will generate approximately £1bn in revenue. This will make Rockstar, the studio that produces the game, a tidy profit, after making and marketing it on a whopping, Hollywood film budget like £170m.

By James Hadley

James Hadley

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