How to Handle Returns


The Christmas period is over and the New Year brings obstacles for e-commerce companies. Sales often increase in December but January has become notorious as the month of returns. Understandably, this leads to January being a very busy month for retailers as they have to arrange refunds and how the return itself will be handled.

Your return process is a big part of your customers overall buying experience. Many people look at sites and refer their attention to areas such as shipping costs and return policies. Returns offer customers confidence and encourage them to visit back to your site in future.

With that in mind, the Speed Courier team has written this article to help you to make the returns process as easy as possible for your customers.

Customers will typically request information on how to ensure that the product is returned in a safe manner. The parcel will be making another journey so it needs to be packaged and addressed correctly. What will help your customer return an item is to make sure it is packaged very well in the first place. Make sure to send plenty of materials such as bubble wrap so that it can be reused and reduce the likelihood of damage.

Ensure that you have a dedicated page or area that clearly outlines your return policy. This will save your customer a lot of confusion and will prevent customers querying returns on social channels that could lead to reputation damage.  It’s also worth including returns information at the checkout as a reminder if the customer has not browsed the site.

We hope you’ve gained some insight about the returns process in today’s article. For more information related to parcel delivery be sure to visit our blog.

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