How to Save Money on Your Fuel Consumption

Here at Speed Couriers, we know a thing or two about cars and driving, as you might expect. As a result, we’ve found a number of great ways to save money on petrol and to make a vehicle more cost efficient, and we thought we’d share these top tips with you, our loyal readers!

Car Maintenance

Keep tyres inflated

Low tyre pressure increases the drag on a car, making you waste fuel needlessly. Regularly check over your tyres and ensure that they are all pumped up to the correct pressure, as stated in the car user manual. By doing this, you could improve your fuel efficiency by up to 3%.

Turn off air conditioning

Whilst it may not seem like it, air con actually uses up a significant amount of fuel. Research has shown that it’s more fuel efficient to drive with the windows down and the air condition off when moving at slower speeds, whilst the opposite is true when driving at more quickly. This is because when air gets into the car at a high speed, it increases the drag, which uses up even more petrol.

By following these steps, you can potentially save up to 8% of your vehicles fuel consumption.

Lighten the load

Put simply, the lighter your car is the less fuel it will needlessly consume. Many cars these days are filled with all kinds of toys, books, blankets and other unnecessary items. By having a thorough clean out and ridding the inside of your car of all this clutter, you will be surprised by how much lighter your vehicle is. By doing this, you can potentially save up to 2% on your fuel consumption.

Driving Style

Brake less

Harsh braking, or braking of any kind really, can use up a lot of fuel. If it is safe to do so, allow your car to slow naturally by taking your foot off the accelerator and going down the gears.

Don’t over-rev it

Pressing down harshly on the accelerator is a needless way to waste your fuel. However, you can reach the same speeds without wasting so much, by speeding up more smoothly. As a general rule of thumb, stay below 3000 revs to remain economical.

By James Hadley

James Hadley

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