How to Track a Parcel


How can I track a parcel? With Speed Couriers, it is a very simple process. We offer a parcel tracking service that allows you to see where your parcel is at all times. This system is available to all of our clients through a dedicated web portal. Our clients will be able to find the information needed without any hassle. As experienced couriers, we will ensure that your parcels are delivered quickly and with care. 

We tracked our parcels effectively. Our system is based on GPS enabled carried by our couriers. These devices will show the exact position of our drivers’ vehicle at all times. Additionally, this data can be accessed through the aforementioned web portal. We have linked our tracking system with our courier booking and allocation facility. This means that even last-minute parcel collections can be tracked.  

Additionally, you can also have the parcels you have sent signed for upon its delivery. This enables you to know exactly when your parcel has arrived at its destination. It also allows you to check that it is in the right persons possession. The PDA devices are designed to capture real-time electronic signature data. When it comes to signed delivery, we can provide you with a copy of the signature, ensuring that you also have proof of the delivery.  

If you are looking for a courier service, consider Speed Couriers. With Speed Couriers, you can send your items knowing they are in the hand of competent, trained couriers. Arrange your next delivery today with Speed Couriers. 

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