Ian doesn’t go home and heads for Magadan via the Road of Bones

bamFirst of all I must get round to  filling in all of the gaps in my blog as a result of leaving my lap top charger behind in a hotel and therefore being unable to update whilst on the road.

Ian and myself made it safely to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia after 2 months and 10,500 miles. We both agreed it really had been the trip of a lifetime. Words and pictures can’t do the trip justice, the experiences I’ve had, the things I’ve seen, the stunning scenery and riding along with the incredible help, generosity and kindness from total strangers along the way. Reaffirms my faith in human nature.

Although I’ve had praise for my commentry and photo’s (many thanks for taking the time to read my blog and also many thanks for the kind and generous charity contributions).

Ian has been a brilliant travelling companion, a great mate and somebody I trust not tot let me down if the shit hit the fan. Cheers mate.

Whilst waiting to sort out shipping the bikes back from Mongolia at the Oasis guesthouse in Ulaanbaaatar, (the main meeting place for 2 and 4 wheeled travellers) we teamed up with Geoff from Kudu Expeditions who had just sadly had his passport and money stolen, so he was stuck there.

Geoff’s tales of the Road of Bones and the infamous BAM road  along with everything we’d read about Walter Colebatch’s (the Godfather of Russian and central Asian travel) exploits led to Ian teaming up with David and Uwe who were heading for Magadan via this route.

Now it’s my turn to sit at home and be jealous and monitor updates of their progress via the web.

David  is updatging his blog here     https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zimi-on-the-loose/207612415930349?fref=ts

Or just go on facebook and search Zimi on the loose.

This is real adventure and makes the trip to Mongolia look a little tame.

Good luck guys and stay safe.




  1. Piat Piatkiewicz

    Hello Shaun, amazing trip! Cheers, Piat ps My Uncle Simon did the trip to Magadan but courtesy of the USSR in 1940 by railway cattle truck!. he survived, many didn’t. Must be better by ‘bike!

    • Shaun

      Hi Piat

      It was a truly amazing trip thanks. Although we’d only planned on getting to Ulaanbaatar my friend Ian carried onto Magadan. I agree it must be a lot better by bike. Your Uncle Simon must have been very lucky and tough to have survived that trip in 1940. A remarkable man with more than a few stories no doubt. It also brings home how lucky our generation are to be able to do this sort of trip for leisure.

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