Keep Your Package’s Contents Safe During Transit

Keep Your Package’s Contents Safe During Transit

At Speed Couriers, we’re committed to delivering your shipments with speed and care; we take all possible precautions to ensure every item is transported as efficiently and securely as possible, as well as having it arrive right on schedule.

However there are some steps you can take to contribute towards the safety and security of your item before it leaves for deliver, whether travelling within the UK or internationally.

Size Matters

It’s important to think about the size of packaging. To help ensure your parcels get from A to B without damage, you can follow some basic principles.

Using boxes that are the wrong dimensions can prove to be a costly mistake. Packages that are under-filled are more likely to collapse, while overloaded parcels may burst when transporting between delivery and collection points.

Consider Quality

There’s no denying that it will cost you a little more to invest in top-notch packaging, but if you’re sending delicate or valuable items, it’s well worth it. For the best results, consider strength, cushioning and durability; for example, corrugated cardboard with outer liners works well. Heavy-duty, double-layered boards may be required for valuables.

To pad your parcels, you can use some cushioning materials and make sure that delicate objects are secured in the middle of the package. In some cases, strapping is a good idea.

Non-Solid Items

Any liquids should be stored in leak-free containers and packed in a sealed bag; after all, if they were to spill, they could damage other items nearby. Any semi-liquids, greasy or strong smelling substances should be sealed with adhesive tape and wrapped in grease-resistant paper.

When it comes to powders and fine grains, strong plastic bags are needed and these should be sealed and packed in a rigid fibreboard box.

When you’re packing non-solids, make sure you use an ‘arrow up’ label so that anyone handling the items knows which way up they should be.

So, there we have some simple and useful tips to help you wrap your item/s up as safely as possible before transit. Check back again soon for more useful tips and guides!

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