Kyrgyzstan, things go rapidly down hill.


A real live wire place, our hotel

DSC00922 DSC00913 DSC00907 DSC00901 DSC00899 DSC00897 DSC00896 DSC00890

Mouintain living for tghe locals

Mouintain living for the locals

Ian's hand after the event

Ian’s hand after the event

Bad news, leaking radiator miles from anywhere

Bad news, leaking radiator miles from anywhere

This family just stopped and wanted pictures of us and the bikes

This family just stopped and wanted pictures of us and the bikes

Rural traffic jam

Rural traffic jam

Plug socket in my room

Plug socket in my room

Hotel California, you can check in anytime you want, because no one else will

Hotel California, you can check in anytime you want, because no one else will

Moving on from the luxury of Osh our next hotel is an old crumbling Soviet relic with some very dodgy electrics as you’ll see in the pictures. To be fair it is been renovated floor by floor but we get the work in progress floor.

Off in the morning without being electricuted all is going well until I notice my fan is coming on all the time. Despite the heat somethings not right.

Turns out my radiator has sprung a leak and our rad weld only partially stems the flow. Not good miles from anywhere up in the hills. The radiator needs topping up every 20 miles and our drinking water goes in the radiator rather than down our necks.

Every time we find a stream we top the rad and all our bottles up.

Actually another thing I do every time I find a stream is soak my t shirt in cold water as it helps cool you down in this heat though it’s bone dry again within 20 or 30 minutes.

Progress is painfully slow with all the water stop and it’s getting late.

Then things go from bad to worse when Ian crashes in deep gravel on a corner taking the “Biggest crash of the trip award” that I’d previously held. His hand is cut and badly swollen however he dunks it in another mountain stream which releives the pain.

Naryn is the only town of any size and we find far better accomodation than we expected at The Celestial Mountains Hotel which turns out to be owned by Ian, an ex pat from England who’s been living in Kyrgyzstan for 19 years. He very kindly ask’s around but tomorrow is Sunday so no chance of getting the radiator fixed and our best bet is another 200 miles to the capital Bishkek where he will ask around us. He also has another hotel in the capital. In fact as I write this I’m sat in the luxury of The Silk Road Lodge in Bishkek, highly recommended.

Ian’s offer of help however isn’t required as the Bishkek Help Desk comes to our rescue.


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