Learner drivers forced to hit their brakes?


The thought of a driving test is enough to muster up significant stress. A pass seemingly hangs in the balance. Coming down to a certain extent to the actions of other drivers and the presence of an instructor analysing your every move; daunting to say the least. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that nerves can sometimes influence a person’s overall performance. In and amongst all of this, instructors are set to warn Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, that learner drivers may be confronted with a 20-week wait before they can actually sit their test.

Their message is to advise that any changes should be postponed until the waiting times have come down from 18-20 weeks in various parts of the United Kingdom due to a shortage of examiners. Trade bodies representing the voice of many, around 20,000 driving instructors to be more exact. Opinions cast include stating that there is little use making improvements to tests if candidates are expected to wait for such a longer period before they are able to take it.

The new and improved test is said to prepare learner drivers for real-life scenarios, such as understanding how to follow the instructions of a Sat Nav as an alternative to just road signs along with the addition of a safety question. Road collisions are highlighted as the biggest killer of young people, these changes illustrate further actions that will ensure drivers are up to scratch before getting independently behind the wheel.

Driving instructors have voiced concerns that such changes will lead to a “nightmare scenario” of driving hopefuls rushing to book their test before the renewed processes come into effect. This is said to add further strain on waiting times, to address this issue, it has been requested that any changes are to be push back until waiting intervals reach approximately 7 weeks, the 2016 target set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

The DVSA’ director of Corporate Affairs, Adrian Long, has released a statement: “There is no evidence to suggest that the proposed changes to the driving test will increase waiting times and instructors have been very supportive.”

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