London Motorists to Face New Charges for Diesel Vehicles


Islington Council have recently revealed plans to bring in on-the-spot fines of £20 for motorists who leave a diesel engine running while stationary in the area, in the hope that it will reduce ‘unnecessary pollution’. The plans were unveiled after an announcement from London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, in which he stated that drivers of diesel vehicles will now face an extra £10 charge to enter central London from the year 2020 under plans for a new “ultra-low emission zone”.

While the changes are certainly one way of tackling pollution in busy areas such as London, many commuters are furious at the news. The changes could potentially add hundreds onto a workers (already expensive) annual travel costs, and will likely have the biggest impact on those who travel to and from the area simply to work.

As a distribution company with such a large and diverse fleet, we take environmental issues such as pollution very seriously, that’s why we ensure our drivers keep carbon emissions to a minimum by driving on shorter routes, using higher gears and travelling at the most fuel-efficient speeds.

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