Next Day Delivery Tips

If you have an item to send urgently, next day delivery is probably your best option. From returning an item to a retailer or sending a gift to a friend next day delivery is extremely convenient. Read on for tips on how to send a parcel the next day.

Get your parcel size and weight right

One of the first things you will need to record is the weight and size of your parcel. Depending on this information, your courier will be able to determine what type of vehicle is the most suitable to fulfil the consignment.

Make sure your items are safe to send

As stated in some of our previous posts, some items are restricted and cannot be delivered via courier. These items include perishables and dangerous items such as fireworks. We understand how frustrating it can be to have an item be sent successfully only for it to be stopped or sent back to you. Prior to booking, check to see whether your item meets the courier’s guidelines.

Package up your parcel for next day delivery

Good packaging is imperative regardless of when you’re sending your items. However, assuming time is of the essence, it is even more important when using a next day delivery service. If your consignment isn’t correctly packaged then this not only makes it more likely that the item will arrive damaged but it could even result in the item being returned to you.

Check the delivery address

If you send an item with an incorrect address it can cause delays. If you’re preparing a next day delivery, you may be in a rush. We recommend checking the address prior to sending it off. Make sure that every part of the address is correct and written (or printed) in a readable format. You should also make sure you include your return address on the parcel just in case the delivery is unsuccessful. When you are booking a next day delivery it is also advised to leave your contact details with the service provider so you can be informed about your item’s delivery status.

How can we help?

At Speed Couriers, we offer a reliable and cost-effective next day deliveries. We have also created a guest booking service to give our clients greater flexibility. We aim to collect items within an hour of the request being received with our team. Click here for more information on our guest booking service.

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