Notes Before Driving This Christmas

Christmas is a fun and festive time of year, but it can also be very demanding when it comes to travel and visiting friends and family. While some are lucky enough to have all their relations come to visit them on the 25th, many have to travel far and wide to pack in all the present and pudding that they can!

Here are a few notes before heading out onto the roads this Christmas

Icy Roads

There’s no denying the weather can get a little chilly around Christmas time! While snowfall certainly adds to the festive feeling of Christmas, it can quickly cause serious problems for motorists. Be sure to prepare your car for cold weather by topping up antifreeze levels and possibly investing in some sturdy winter tyres, these will help your car better stick to the road and improve handling and breaking in colder conditions. Always watch out for ‘black ice’ – this invisible hazard can cause surprise swerving, skidding and collisions to motorists who drive without due care.

Alcohol Consumption

We’re sure you’re aware of the many ‘Think!’ television adverts that are shown more often around Christmas, and there’s a good reason for that. Cases of people drinking while under the influence of alcohol are considerably higher, with staff Christmas parties and social gatherings taking place all throughout this season, people often stay for a drink when they had initially planned to drive.

It’s not rocket science to deduct that this is a bad idea; while drunken driving is extremely dangerous and careless in the first place, doing so on frozen, icy roads could not be more potentially lethal. Plan in advance around Christmas gatherings, if you plan to drive, do not drink – if you plan to drink, do not drive. Simple!

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By James Hadley

James Hadley


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