Online Sales Trump the High Street over Christmas 2014

We couriers know better than most just how busy the Christmas period can be. With Christmas packages and valuable gifts flying to and from distant locations around the country, it’s fair to say the courier business is booming during December!

While it’s no secret that sales generally go through the roof in most stores over the Christmas season, the rise of the online market has steadily been taking over the high street over past years, tipping sales over Christmas 2013.

High street stores saw a decrease in sales of 2.2% over the Christmas period whereas online sales showed an impressive 19.2% increase in comparison to 2012. This just goes to show the ever-increasing rapid rate of how popular online shopping has become.

Nasty Weather

Perhaps one of the key reasons online sales seem to boom during the Christmas season is the wet and windy weather we get during December. Wind and rain soaked many regions of the country, disrupting travel plans and keeping shoppers at home.  The knock-on effect was to see a drop in footfall in the shops during what is usually one of their busiest times of year.

Time of Purchase

Another major factor in the success of online shopping is the convenience of buying online. While many shops make an effort to extent their opening hours, all websites can be accessed and bought from at any time of the day, perfect for when you have to order those new curtains at 3am!

Online sales will only continue to rise, but how will the high street retailes fight back against the rise of the digital age? Only time will tell!

By James Hadley

James Hadley

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