How To Package Parcels The Good Way


Its been a while since we offered any packaging advice to our clients so we thought we would put together a quick post on the best way to package your items that will make our life and your life much easier.

Making sure your parcels are properly packaged helps everybody out so please follow the tips below as best as you can:

    • If you are putting something in a box make sure the box is as strong as possible. We recommend double walled boxes as these are very strong and can take the weight of other boxes. We say this as your box will generally be stacked in the van with other boxes so the stronger your box minimises the risk of damage.
    • When packaging your box make sure you have the right sized box. You don’t want items rattling around inside and an under packed box might collapse, whereas an over packed box runs the risk of bursting.
    • Please wrap your items in something suitable. It’s no good just putting your items for delivery straight into the box, unless you want it arriving in a million pieces. Always use high quality materials taking into account strength and cushion ability.
    • One of the biggest mistakes we see a lot is the quality of the tape used to seal boxes. Always make sure you use a top quality brown packaging tape. The last thing you want is for your parcel to open during transit so don’t go for the cheapest tape you can find as that alone could end up costing you more in the long run.
    • Put fragile goods in the centre of a package; ensuring they don’t touch the sides. Your item should be well cushioned on all sides.
    • If you are sending liquids, greasy or strong smelling items seal with a good packaging tape then wrap in grease proof paper. Bad packaging may cause damage to surrounding items.
    • If you have been sent a gift direct from a store be sure to check that if sending it on it has been packed according to our guidelines above as presents sold in attractive packaging are not usually good for shipping on.
    • Use triangular tubes not round tube-type cylinders to pack rolled plans, maps and blueprints.
    • Address labels should be prominent and clear. If writing your label use capital letters to improve readability.
    • When shipping items that have sharp edges and points, ensure these are adequately protected. Heavy cardboard is suitable for this. Fix the protective material securely so that it cannot be accidentally removed in transit.
    • If you are going to re use an old box it really helps if you remove all labels and stickers. Ensure that the box is in good shape and not worn out.

We think we have covered everything so you should all be now well equipped to package anything properly.

Happy packing

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