Parcel Delivery in Demand with Surge in Online Purchases

Busy festive shoppers have decided to shun high street retail stores and have instead traded them in for the online market. Recent studies have shown a huge surge in online sales in the UK over Christmas, which could be an indicator that demand for parcel deliveries is on the rise.

These studies showed that there was a 16.4 per cent increase in online sales compared to the same time last year. Surprisingly, Boxing Day saw a massive 45 per cent Boxing Day increase in online sales. Mobile devices have seen a massive uptake in the market share in recent months, and they now take up a quarter of the online market, peaking at an impressive 33.6 per cent on Christmas Day.

Kantar Media Compete, a leading surveyor on such matters, have reported that online traffic has also seen a massive boost, with the 36 per cent increase seen by Debenhams the largest increase of all. Other surveys have shown us that, over the Christmas period, less people chose to go to their local high street for gifts, with an estimated 1.2 per cent decrease in this amount.

These figures seem to suggest a drastic shift in the behaviour of UK consumers. Whether this is simply a seasonal anomaly, or a wider change is not completely certain. However, the figures for other months seem to suggest that the latter is true, as November saw a 13.7 increase in mobile, online retail sales in comparison to the previous year.

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