Parcel MIA


Black Friday is fast approaching and the majority of us are looking to find deals whilst remaining in the comfort of our own homes. We know just how notorious these sales have become!

Have you ordered an item online and it hasn’t arrived yet?

If you have answered yes to our question, you are amongst the many people that have not received their product on time. As we all know, online shopping is a strong rival to our brick and mortar stores.  But online delivery welcomes added steps before your order reaches you. These steps can become complications if they are not executed well. If you haven’t received your parcel or it turns up late then your first port of call should be the retailer that you have bought from. We all know that waiting for a parcel can be the equivalent of watching paint dry. So, if you get in contact and receive no joy, here are the rights you as a customer are entitled to…

A recent study conducted by NetDespatch has uncovered the feelings that many customers feel when ordering something online. 88% of people were prepared to pay a fee just to get their package on time. As 66% of us, claim to hate returning parcels. If the issue is the waiting game, your rights are dependent on when you ordered your parcel. If you don’t get your item within 30 days then there are steps you can take under the Consumer Contracts Regulations. You can return the item if it was needed by a certain date and the expectation set has not been fulfilled.  As this falls under breach of contract, you have the right to cancel the purchase and receive a full refund.

To prevent such circumstances from being a possibility again you will need to put your trust in a couriering service that you can fully rely on. At Speed Couriers we offer a range of couriering services throughout Manchester and beyond. We’ve also recently launched our new same day guest booking service that allows you to select your preferred mode of transport when sending off an item. Customers will not be left waiting!

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