Posties Bite Back 2: This Time, Its Personal

One of our blog posts earlier in the year told how posties nationwide were getting sick and tired of the common threats posed by household dogs. We noted how postie Gary Haldane was fighting for new safety measures for postal workers after being attacked by a Dunfermline resident’s German shepherd.

Recent news reveals Royal Mail has vowed to take more legal action against the owners of vicious dogs that attack or harm postal workers; hardly surprising after the company revealed there were over 3,000 canine attacks in a year.

For starters, workers can now refuse to deliver letters, parcels and packages where dog attacks have been reported or are a risk. This allows them to maintain their safety and refuse to enter private property, in which case they would struggle to take action against the owner if they were attacked.

Royal Mail chairman Donald Brydon said “Dog attacks cause injuries and terrible trauma to our staff. Nobody should have to endure this and our staff are at an increased risk of such attacks simply because of the job they do.”

The Royal Mail’s report requested that claims and prosecution against dangerous dog owners could be made no matter where the attack happened; new legislations such as these are being announced in Northern Ireland, Scotland and are being planned in Wales. Let’s hope these new legislations help to keep dangerous dogs on a much tighter leash!

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