Posties Bite Back at Dangerous Dogs

While the presence of large “beware of the dog” signs are commonly placed to deter would-be thieves and send them packing with their empty stereotypical SWAG bag, the signs also commonly cause more than a little anxiety with many of the UKs postal workers.

For Fife postie Garry Haldane, this is a lesson he has learned the hard way; over a postal career spanning 20 years, Garry has suffered 18 bites and injuries from vicious dogs in his attempts to deliver mail and parcels.

After his last encounter with a German shepherd in Dunfermline, Mr Haldane has put his foot down and called for the quick introduction and implementation of new safety measures regarding dealing with dangerous dogs. “It is not acceptable that our postal workers, or anyone else for that matter, should be subject to dog or animal attacks because they are not under control when we visit the owner’s property”.

With the Communication Workers Union (CWU) starting a campaign for postal workers to get greater protection from snappy dogs, it’s clear the posties are sick and tired of spending their mornings running from gardens and hopping fences!

According to the CWU an average of 5,000 postal workers are attacked by snappy canines each year in the UK, so hopefully with the introduction of new health and safety measures, posties can out the fear of being bitten firmly in the past.

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